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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Commercial Targets--Young Adults

I hear complaints in the field that we need more young adults interested in and buying Antiques&Collectibles. I am blessed with a younger following and the ole standbyes of the past like myself, and welcome them whole heartedly. I have found websites where the younger collectors of today are sounding off as to the reasons they collect,what they experience, and what they are looking for. They are also sounding off against todays commercialism directed at them and their pocket books. Here is just some of what they have said, which I agree with and have added my own opinion to the mix. After reading this I hope you encourage other young adults into the world of Antiques&Collectibles.

IKEA Commercial---Shows a number of rooms decorated in the Ikea Style (which includes knock-offs styled after Antiques) and the end catch phrase is "Ikea-Life Improvement Store".
Really??!! Okay some of their items are priced reasonably,claims convenience,and looks good up front. To some it may be an improvement over grandma's 1970's paisley upholstered chair (then again some would find that cool).
But!!! Have you considered how cheaply made this stuff is and Eco irresponsiblely made at that, you have to assemble the stuff when it arrives (stress,stress,stress), and its value is absolutely nothing once put together.
Being Harsh!!! Don't think so, just factual. They are attracting and robbing potential young collectors interested in classic styles. I am simply saying--why throw your money away when Antiques&Collectibles are as Eco friendly as it gets,have quality,style,value and sometimes just as low priced and lower.

Pottery Barn---Catalogs full of bad reproductions (an Example:Printers Chests), and other items clearly based on Antiques.
They must study Auction catalogs or buy a few pieces at flea markets and then send to China to cheaply manufacture these knock-offs.

Restoration Hardware catalogs---Great source for hardware replacements etc when all else fails, but now they have delved into a new place that I have been offended by. The CEO states "No longer mere retailers of home furnishings,we are Curators of the Best Historical Designs the world has to offer."
OK I'm offended once again after typing that. Curator --watch out museums you have competition and claim to your title. Best Historical designs--claims their designs are better than the originals his company so poorly imitated? Here again you would be better off buying an original, having better design,quality,and worth something 10 years from now.

I will finish with, share this train of thought with the young adults in your life if you agree with us. Some may not be interested in the history of Antiques&Collectibles,or they may assume they can't afford them,but I know they are not getting the best value for their money buying from these establishments and others.

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