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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

National Be Nice Day to an Antique Dealer

We in the business of Antiques&Collectibles have some pet peeves about how folks respond to us in many instances. People are always wantinq and expecting advise or want us to share knowledge with them and many times we gladly do,but please be polite and resonable about it. We are bombarded almost daily by folks wanting something for nothing and rather rude if they do not hear what they want to hear.
I have decided to make my own
National Holiday---Be Nice to an Antique Dealer Today or Anyday.

Don't tell them what you have thrown away, (their heart can't take it)
What all your mother had and you gave away, (if we had only known sooner)
How you have one at home just like that except for, (big exception)
My house is to full now,so I can't buy anything!! (you just dashed our hope)

Don't make us an offer way lower than ticket price, and then if we do decide to agree with that offer, say "I'll think about it". In other words do not make an offer you can't back up.

Don't assume we purchased an item dirt cheap so we should give 50% off or more. We buy our inventory with expertise and reference, so good merchandise is usually paid highly for and 9 out of 10 times 50% off is less than what we paid for that item.

Don't tell us what is hot and your opinion on worth. Worth/value is relative to many issues and changes regularly. Bottom line,it is worth what someone will pay.

Please do not be so obvious that the only reason you stopped by was to find out what to price your items for an upcoming yard/garage/estate sale. More importantly do not expect us to educate you as to current value on an item. Good dealers spend hours and years researching their field and trying to go with the trends. Now you want us to give that information away FREE.

Don't ask what an item is worth and then ask if we will pay you that same amount for the item. We have overhead and a need to make a profit.

Want to sell us something and when asked how much do you want "Exclaim I don't know,or whats it worth". Because as soon as we say an amount it becomes obvious you did have an amount in your head and now you are insulted. Instead tell us what you would like and if there is room to make a profit we will buy or make a counter offer. Also please please please do not walk out the door and go to every dealer in town and then return saying you will take our offer. Now we know they either didn't want the item or we offered too much and now we don't want it either.

We are not interested in chipped/damaged merchandise unless it is a very rare item. Even then we may pass,and you need to know that the damage drastically changes its value. Most Antique Dealers are also not interested in limited editions of dolls,coins,plates,beannie babies etc. Those items are for the secondary market like flea markets.

Four Words an Antique Dealer Hates to Hear "No Thanks,I'm just looking".

We do not all have the same customers or same market. Therefore we don't all price,buy,or carry the same merchandise. So don't be offended if we are not interested in what you want to sell us. It is also possible we have too much of that paticular item on hand.

I have seen and witnessed many an Antique location where junk seems to be the norm and prices are crazy. Alot of people call them selves an Antique Dealer but really have no Clue. I understand your frustrations and myself I do not frequent those locations or spend my money. Nor do I get rude or insult them,I just leave.

Lastly,let me say I love what I do for a living,enjoy interacting and sharing with others,I only ask that you be polite and think about our communications.

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