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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


BUYING LOCAL(Independently Owned Businesses)--Why?--Who Benefits?
Why so many notes about buying local lately you ask?!!
It's been proven nationally buying local is the best chance we have as a nation to prosper and rebuild what we have lost, one community at a time. Buying Local is not buying in any store in your zipcode area,but rather buying from the independently owned and operated businesses in a community.
Don't believe me,find out for yourself by following
Independant We Stand
(also a list of our local independent businesses that have listed themselves go to this page to find them by entering your zipcode)
The 3/50 Project
New Albany First (our own local group of businesses forming a non-profit organization for buying local)
I could list many more groups in local communities all across our nation that have discovered the benefits of buying local when possible instead of at Big Box Stores. Yes we do still need chain stores in our economies and sometimes what we need or are looking for can only be found shopping at their stores.
Seriously consider in these hard times where your spendable cash goes and to what or to whom's benefit. You hear alot about globalization from large and small corporations,even our national and local politicians. Sorry, but that has led to corporations leaving our soil,loss of jobs,inferior and/or unhealthy products. It has helped with world trade but at a cost, I'm not willing to accept myself. How about You? It has mostly benefited the powerful and and already wealthy to become more powerful and wealthy.
All I can say,taken from old fashion quotes and lifes experience, is to be successfull in life
"Never put all your eggs in just one basket" or "Always invest in more than one arena"
Locally owned operated businesses support our community in many ways and more so than national run Big Box stores or Online Internet stores.
We pay TAXES locally
We provide JOBS ( we actually account for 75% of all new jobs)
We contirbute to and sponsor COMMUNITY EVENTS
We are your real NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS
We offer up-close PERSONAL SERVICE
We restore and maintain our HISTORIC BUILDINGS when setup in HISTORIC DISTRICTS
We prefer SPENDING OUR MONEY at other INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES,which is investing in our community
We help and STAND BY our communities in hard times instead of leaving town for a more prosperous area
68% of every dollar spent in a independent local business stays in the Community compared to 43% spent at a national chain.

According to a recent survey, 93% of consumers (YOU) believe small businesses do add value to the local community they live in.

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