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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday April 22nd---Earth Day

Earth Day Celebrations encourage us to go "Green" which is great.

We collectors have been doing that as long as we have collected Antiques and Collectibles. How you say?!! We recycle furniture saving trees and power, and we use old pottery, silver, jewelry, cookie jars, wood doors, clothing,fireplace mantels etc etc etc. We also repurpose some items in a way not intended originally, but what works for us today. Some artists take old and create something wonderful by reusing discarded bits and pieces. We are ahead of the "Green Movement" and deserve to pat each other on the back. Come join us, your welcome, and know if you love collecting it can be a lifetime committment of being "Green".

Not into Antiques and Collectibles?
Well I have a hard time processing that, but there are many areas in all our lives where we could go greener. Just consider where something comes from and what all is involved in its being made and delivered into your hands. What about the packaging alone? Also think about where it goes when you are done and how it effects our enviornment in the long term.

A definate trend in our nation is buying more at Farmers Markets. Local home grown fruits and vegetables,homemade jellies or relishes,handmade art,jewelry,clothing,items from fresh ingredients such as soap or body lotions.

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