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Friday, June 10, 2011


Mom always fussed--look with your eyes not your hands. Well according to this study Mom was/is wrong.

According to an MIT study touching an object influences your judgement about what to buy!!

The study found that shoppers had more confident impressions when they touched something. Most collectors already know this but some whom have grown up in the computer age only shop online, they are then sometimes disappointed in their choices.

So if you are one who frequents shows,shops,flea markets, etc, where you can feel collectibles instead of buying online you are being smart according to the study. TOUCH always helps us to make better decisions. Also some reproductions such as iron objects can't be detected unless touched. Many reproduction iron pieces are rough textured to the touch, where as old iron is much smoother to the touch. Another good example is buying chairs, without touch you do not know if it sits hard or soft and if sturdy or rickety.

If you are in my shop and I ask if I can open a case and let you see something better or up close and you hesitate, I then may remark-- I won't make you buy it, just letting you see better.

I really am giving you the chance to make a better decision.

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