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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Clue of The Broken Locket

Excerpt: Nancy caught a glimpse of Ruth Brown disappearing into the car. Her suitcase was handed up after her.
Nancy flung herself out of the automobile, intending to board the train herself. But she was to late. It began to move, rapidly picking up speed.
"Don't try to board!" Bess called frantically, fearful lest Nancy recklessly might attempt it.
"There goes Ruth Brown again", George groaned. "Such Luck!"
Nancy lost no time in bemoaning the situation. She turned and ran into the station,but was back again in an instant, hurling herself into the driver's seat.
"That woman bought a ticket to River Heights!" she informed them tensely. "Are you girls game for a speedy ride?"

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Did you read the Nancy Drew Mystery series as an adolescent? I did and what a way to get involved in a good mystery. Especially since the detective Nancy Drew was a teen that always solved the mystery. I really can't remember how I was introduced to the Nancy Drew series but I sure was hooked. I spent many an hour one summer at the library reading these books, lost in the mystery and trying to solve the mystery before the book did. I so enjoyed being in the world of the story, I never shared the discovery of these books with my friends because I didn't want them to spoil my time lost in that world. How selfish !!! The funny part is apparently the character rubbed off on me because many friends made the comment that I should grow up to be a detective. To this day I still love a good mystery when I have a chance to read one, which isnt often enough.
Well I've finally matured enough that now I am ready to share the joy of these novels. I recently aquired these and have them available in the shop. I have the early copies from the 1930's thru the 1950's. These editions are interesting because the wording and language are what we would consider old fashion. These Novels were updated and rewritten thru the years for a more modern perspective. I enjoy and prefer the way they were originally written. Come by,get one or more,enjoy a good easy read or share with a young one near and dear to your heart. I guarantee you/they will enjoy and possibly become temporarily lost in them like I did.
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Did you know the author name Carolyn Keene is a pseudonym (AKA). Many different authors became involved thru the years including daughters of the publisher. The first author was Mildred Wirt Benson and here is a brief biography:
As the author of the original Nancy Drew series of mystery novels, Mildred Wirt Benson (aka Carolyn Keene) shot to fame penning thrilling tales concerning a fearless and stylish teen detective who never failed to get to the bottom of the case. Born in Ladora, Iowa, Benson was the first person to receive a master's in journalism from the University of Iowa, in 1927. As a reporter who never backed down from a challenge, the future author laid the foundation for a literary creation that would enthrall generations and inspire numerous adaptations even after Keene herself halted writing Nancy Drew adventures. Paid 125 dollars per tome and receiving no royalties for the books or their resulting spin-offs, Benson continued to write novels (including the Penny Parker mysteries) and work as a reporter, all the while bound by an agreement with the publisher to keep her identity as the originator of Nancy Drew secret. Though her shrouded identity remained uncovered for years, she was finally revealed as the originator of the series when one of the publisher's daughters attempted to take credit and Keene was forced to testify in 1980. Working tirelessly well into her nineties, the tough writer wasn't slowed by failing eyesight, and even returned to her desk a day after being diagnosed with lung cancer in 1997. After going into semi-retirement in 2002 (at the age of 96), Benson died shortly after being struck ill at her Toledo Blade desk.

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