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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Decorating with Vintage & Antique Plates

Have you looked at decorating magazines lately? The top interior designers are hanging plates everywhere! Decorating with plates is an inexpensive way to make a bold statement. Exquisite china that is beautifully arranged says much about the homeowner. Why not make vintage and antique china an integral part of your home d├ęcor?

Here are fifteen savvy styling tips to get you started:

1. Hang plates horizontally along the top of a wall as an interesting border.

2. Butter pats as a border make an exciting visual statement, particularly in the dining room and kitchen areas. Many collectors enjoy displaying butter pats along the kitchen soffit. Another idea, hang around window frame.

3. Place 3 plates in an arch around the top of a framed print/painting

4. Hang large 19th-century Staffordshire platters next to breakfast table or maybe over a door opening.

5. Don’t despair over chips, crazing or glaze flaws — they will add to the shabby chic appeal of this easy-on-the-budget decorating scheme.

6. Plain white ironstone plates in a grouping make a chic statement against exotic wallpapers or lively paint colors.

7. Try matching same theme plates and platters such as roses or fruit-motif. Sometimes mixed unrelated styles work if in same color tones. An arrangement of vintage plates representing various states or tourist destinations is a real conversation piece and a reminder of great vacations.

9. Plates combined with Impressionist artwork create a serene environment.

10. Hang your collection of pie plates

11. Don’t throw out your breakages! Use to make a mosaic and hang that on wall.

12. Display plates arranged in an arch over a buffet or sideboard.

13. Hang a wooden plate-rail shelf in a dining room, kitchen, or hallway, and use it to display plates and do change your exhibit seasonally.

14. In earthquake areas use museum wax to attach valuable china pieces to shelves. Then make sure the shelving unit is earthquake-strapped to the wall as well.

15. Hang a beautiful 19th-century Limoges plate on your office wall to remind you of the lovely home that you have to return to each evening.

Antique and vintage plates can be found at very reasonable prices and these stunning pieces with a history are so much more appealing than contemporary china. Wouldn’t you adore having your home decorated with quality Limoges or Staffordshire china?

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