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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Halloween Don’t Be Afraid of Local Businesses

You may be frightened by how much our nation will spend this Halloween season on costumes, candy and decorations ($6.9 billion*), but what’s really spooky is how little is going back to local economies. Had this money been spent at local grocers, garden centers, candy stores,art supplies stores,costume shops, or on Vintage Halloween from your Local Antique Shop,
$4.7 billion would be reinvested into local economies.
-------------------------W O W---------------------

Lets put to good use the Ghouls,Goblins,and all things scary to the advantage of our own local communities

Spend your hard earned money in a way that benefits your neighbors,friends,and community

Get your spook on, Buy LOCAL , really give the scary creepers to WALL STREET

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