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Monday, January 9, 2012

Starting Anew 2012

A New Beginning!! A Happy and Prosperous New Year has begun,enjoy and rejoice in all it will bring us!!
I have been wanting to speak to our fans,loyal customers,and possibly our future customers but have been so busy. Not complaining,about the busy,just finally getting around to taking the time to reflect on last year and all the growth and success we have experienced. Especially during a hard economic time for us,you,our country.
A little late but totally sincere; I want to thank YOU for our continued growth,support,and the success YOU have provided us. I like to believe we have earned the right and will continue to do so. Really it all depends on you,your preception,support,and voice to and about us. We will cherish your continued support also as you are needed for us to continue.
Any business that has not provided for your wants,desires,needs,or entertainment in some shape or form does not deserve your continued support. SOooooo this is also an invite to you to let us know what you would like for us to continue doing or do more of. Respond by posts,in person,or email anytime you feel the need. I believe we can handle the positive input or criticism.

Below are some of the factors I believe have helped us along the way:
1 Loving what we do!!
2 Sharing and researching information about merchandise. (hopefully this helps to build faith and trust in us)
3 Showing that we care for our community and what happens in our local community. Exposing other businesses and events happening around town,for possibly your needs,wants,or entertainment.
4 Social Media (You and us sharing who and what we are,getting the word out)
5 Always adding new inventory weekly.
6 Sharing info on the benefits of our products. (ex:being green,decorating,repurposing,national trends,cost comparisions etc)
7 Amongst Growing Independent Businesses as neighbors around us Downtown and actually throughout our community county wide. (Our City of Entreprenuers)
8 Sharing our views and the National trend of buying local and how that benefits all of us here to sustain and prosper as a community.
9 Becoming more aware and trying to help our community in small ways when possible. Not just an independent business caring for only ourselves and success but for all in our community.
10 Wanting and striving for customer satisfaction and repeat business.
11 The temporary closure of the Sherman Minton Bridge. (has given all of us a chance to discover what is in our own backyard)
12 Our Customers Themselves

Shout out,tell us what you liked or didnt like about us.

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