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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Be Inspired-Get Inspired-Be Inspiring

                                         What inspires you as you go thru life?

Of course being an Antique Dealer I have to mention that I am inspired by being an Antique Aholic. Hunting for or finding that something special for myself or a customer is my all time high!! I also enjoy the research and the never ending learning that I feel compelled to do, so I can share with others. I am also inspired by the stories others tell when they have antiqued and the thrill they feel when successful.

Also spring is my favorite time of year so of course that always inspires me anew every year. A rebirth from nature to remind us things are always changing and growing as the seasons past.

                                The first breezy day with sunshine and you have the urge
                                                to walk barefoot in the grass maybe?

                                How about working in your flower beds and then reaping?
                                                 This one definately inspires me.

                                        Or maybe do some project outdoors in the yard that
                                               you were not motivated to do before.

Or how about that laundry hanging on the line blowing in the breezes?

                                And those Roses, my oh my what a sight, and the aroma!!

                                       Have you noticed or thanked your neighbors for their
                                                        hard work in landscaping?
                                   Let them inspire you and inspire them with what you do!!

                              Always be inspired by your friends, family, and loved ones!!

                                       Please don't forget to look for that hidden gem
                                       hiding or appearing in the most unusual place!!

                                                       This photo is a perfect example.
                            This clematis is growing amongst the weeds on an abandoned lot.
                                         So should I dig it up today and give it a good home?
                                          Or should I leave it as an inspiration that beauty
                                                           can be found anywhere?
                                                        I am still pondering on this!!

                      Whatever you do Be Inspired- Get Inspired-Be Inspiring

photos provided by the yard and neighbors.

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