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Sunday, November 4, 2012


1) Save Money-Live Better---- Antiques are often reasonably priced, always better constructed, and found in all price ranges.

2) Buying Local-Economics----Buying Antiques locally is supporting a local owned business which in turn supports your local community.

3) George Washington did not sit in your Lazy Boy Chair----Antiques are tangible pieces of history, whether you know the history of a paticular item or not.

4) There is no such thing as a McBlanket Chest----Antiques can be unique and offer endless variety.

5) Going Green----Antiques are the most enviornmentally responsible choice for your home decorating.

6) There are probably hundreds of 10year old Futons on Craigs List dirt cheap----Antiques sometimes go up in value and if not they still have a dollar value.

7) Probably no tools involved or required----Antiques offer solid quality construction and durability if treated properly.

8) Industrial cable spools and milk crates, which can look cool, do not constitute a Living Room----Antiques are stylish and can accomidate everyones individual tastes or budget.

9) 40 cents per hour was a fair wage in 1940, not 2010----Antiques are socially responsible none were made in sweatshops

10) Want to relate to your heritage ?----Antiques can be a source of ancestral or regional pride.

11) Flexibility----Antiques can be used for purposes other than originally designed for, get creative.

12) Memories Galore----Antiques stir up memories of childhood,long lost loved ones, and experiences of the hunt.

13) Personal Style----Antiques give you the ability to build your own decorating style and stand out.

14) Choices Galore----Antiques give you the option of making your own choics instead of being convinced by a multi million dollar marketing campaign.

I hope you enjoyed the 14 reasons to buy Antiques. I could come up with a hundred more easily, but I would rather you experience and learn for yourself and reap the rewards!

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