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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


For most of us we recognize the arrival of spring with warmer weather, yard work, blooming flowers, outdoor activities and on and on. Well yes so do I, but my fondest thing about spring is open air flea markets. Not that I get to enjoy them very often with a storefront to be at, but still my favorite thing to do and enjoy in spring. Here are some vintage photos of outdoor flea markets for you to enjoy and HAPPY SPRING

WOW thats alot of pocket watches

Makeshift dressing area

Variety and a future Antique Dealer

Let's load a bus full


Vendor visits

Kinda scary doll parts

Take a Number and a Seat

Filling up a sack


Stuff and more stuff

Maybe Art

You just never know what you will find and it's a great enviornment to people watch after you have found your treasures.
Wait a minute there is room for more

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