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Friday, July 12, 2013


My My My how time flies.
I haven't made a blog post since April. I apoligize for not getting the job done. I have the excuse of being sooooooo busy that I have fallen short. Being busy is great and I thank the community and my customers for the success.
 But now back to all business matters, I will start
with a post about repurposing.

Washboards hinged as door fronts on a cabinet missing doors

Galvanized Tubs made into outdoor chairs

As I have said in the past, if a collectible or antique is damaged then by all means rescue it by repairing or repurposing in a new fashion, but please do not destroy an original in good condition. Why, because you devalue that item drastically.
Also there are plenty of old items to be repurposed just by being creative and not having to refurbish or alter. An example below: Just hanging an old iron heat register vent on the wall with a new purpose.
Iron Grate used to hold mail
Old Mason Jars used as storage for dry goods
Wood Stairs used as bedside table, could also be used just to display cherished items
Iron Fence topped with old wood for an entry table

So have I gotten your creative imagination going yet?  

How about now?
Ok that is it for now. Find what speaks to you, truly consider what an antique or collectible can say about you and your home, then go for it.


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