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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Can you ever have too many collections? 
Some might think so, but I am constantly looking and finding things that speak to me. But as we all know, we have limited space to display past colletions and then add new collections, so how is it possible?

Well somehow, if you are like me, you move one item and it starts a domino effect and new vignettes are created. Plus I sometimes just need to rearrange things around the house for my own viewing pleasures. Amazing how some of the goodies have a totally new look and feel when placed in a different location or way.

Then you discover that a new goodie that was just found seems to belong in this new display, and of course where the item was before now needs a refreshing and affords more opportunity there also. 
An example, find some inexpensive old frames of various sizes and make a new vignette. Or how about several identical frames in varying sizes hung inside of each other.

Then again you could hang a frame on the wall and hang a fancy plate inside.
Perhaps you have been looking thru some magazines and  saw where
 a small grouping of trophies are displayed and you love the feel and look so now you have the desire for a small display in your home. Have you convinced yourself yet that it won't take up to much space?

Never ever ever be afraid to mix different collections together for an interesting vignette either. Items that normally wouldn't be combined can make a thought provoking moment for the viewer and a good walk down memory lane perhaps.

Not sure if items will look good together, than do a trial run and step back to inspect.
unframed Oil Painting, Mini Oil Lamps, IronGrate used as a shelf, and a Mini Pot filled with Beaded Flowers etc

Minnow Bucket, Wire Basket, and Marble Eggs. Normally not related but warm together. Maybe memories to the owner of growing up on the farm doing chores and fishing with Grandpa?

Just have an open mind, display family heirlooms, be creative, re purpose, enjoy change, make a personal statement, or just fill your home with what speaks to you. 



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