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Friday, December 2, 2011

How Does Yours Stand ?

Christmas Tree Stands of Old and current Trends

Retro Metal Decorated Base

Large Crock Mixing Bowl with Tabletop Tree

Turn of the last century thru the 19teens Cast Iron base

Galvanized Tub

Whatever you use,an artificial tree,a live tree,or a replantable tree, there are all kinds of options available as to the base that you use. Currently there is a trend to use the old standbyes,such as an iron base,but many other old antique and retro items are being used as well.
Galvanized,copper,and wood buckets,large sturdy baskets,old garden urns---or if you have small tabletop trees you use smaller versions of items listed and add to the creativity using crock bowls etc.
Recycling/Repurpose thats the trend. Love Love Love that.
I'm sharing these photos not just to try to convince you to purchase old and wonderful items (but why not) but to get your creative juices going.
Enjoy and be different and unique in your holiday decorations.

>Old Garden Urn
Wood Bucket,
Crock Bowl,
and Galvanized Bucket

Another Retro Metal Base

One more example of Garden Urn and
Galvanized Buckets

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