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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Past

Photos of Christmases of the past
Stereoption 1889

Stereopticon 1897
1900 Wilbur&Orville Wright Tree (notice plain paper&ribbon ties)

1902 Broadway-Volunteers Of America Santa on Street

1920's Children at Christmas Tree

1920's Boy at Christmas Toy Window

Another 1920's Store Display Window

1920's Whole Corner Decorated Tree

1920's Tree with elaborate village and train around base

Another 1920's Tree with elaborate base
1931 the 1st Rockefeller Center Tree
1930's Home Tree and Girl
1930's close up Train decor around Tree

1940's Children around Tree
1941 Store Display of Tree&House Lights
1941 Scene in Woolworths
1942 Macys Santa
Another 1940's scene in Woolworths
1950's Tree with Elaborate Details around base and possibly rotating Tree

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