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Friday, August 10, 2012

Take A Moment--Be In Wonder

Sometimes we are surrounded by so many amazing things, we lose the sense of how truly wonderful they are or take for granted without a second thought. Objects such as a one-drawer stand, pewter candlesticks, or a wood bowl may be commonplace, plentiful, but consider any one of them as an object with a story and history, and you might find yourself in awe.

They were made centuries ago in times and places that are today unrecognized, by the hands of a person who lived a life we have not, and may know nothing about. They traveled longer and made more possibly treacherous journeys than any of us have ever experienced.

They were used and carried and worn down by people who are now nameless to us and long dead. They sat in rooms where people were born, died, or silent witnesses to daily dramas and to the vast panarama of history itself.

 If you just take a moment to really see and think about the objects around you, you may discover a whole new aspect. Maybe even renew your love and passion for the objects, collections you already have.

Living surrounded by pieces of history and art--thats a blessing. Be thankful you are or were able to be a temporary steward for these items.

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