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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What does your home say about you to others?

I have always been somewhat a rebel and independent spirit. As far back as I can remember thinking on such matters (early childhood), if the majority liked a certain color, lets say blue, I would choose a different color for my favorite. Not just to be different, but because I needed to choose what I thought reflected me as an individual.
My actual favorite color, hmmmmm, I do not have one. My choices happen to be multiple colors but deep saturated colors are where I lean. Now don't get me wrong I am also drawn to soft soothing colors found in nature but I can't live and thrive in a home with all neutrals or an all over repeated color theme.
 I need colors and objects to speak to me or jump out at me and sometimes even make me laugh or smile.

This room says welcome to me. It has colors that are warm and playful and does not shock or go overboard. It tells me this person has their own style and wants to feel invited and inviting to others when in their home. This person is warm, friendly, sharing, artistic and wants you to stay awhile. Notice the beauty of the wood against these colors, if these walls were white maybe the cabinet would stand out but it wouldn't look so warm.


When I enter a home that the over all color is lets say beige and kinda sparse (boring), two thoughts automatically pop in my head. Where is the homeowners true personality and can I really feel comfortable in their home for very long. True some homes have a dull or neutral color theme through out and then are decorated in accessories with colors, shapes, attitudes, and maybe a bold statement or two. That is great and I can appreciate that because it shows character and gives warmth and a welcoming experience.

This is a deeper neutral that I like on the walls, colorful objects hanging on the walls would really pop out and not clash with the color. Now this is not my style for many reasons but I can appreciate it. What I do like is the use of an antique wood writing desk for warmth, with retro pottery on top. The use of the retro chair, which I would reupholster in a pattern, shows how you can mix styles or periods. But the over all feel of this room doesn't say to me comfort, it does say styled and shows some personality.

I have a theory or thought process about design, and that is that if you don't get something unique, antique, custom or vintage in the mix why bother trying to decorate at all. Did I mention I can be somewhat opinionated also, ha!

I know this speaks to many but for me it is to sterile and not enough personality. I do love the pop of green on the cushions which help draw your eyes to the table and reflects the great outdoor view. I would probably add on the wall some art of  landscapes and or florals. It does look well styled but does it say come over for dinner sometime?  I also like the mix of wood with modern chairs and light fixture, but only because I do like mixing different styles and periods.

Might not want the whole room this color but what about one wall? What you have here is a good mix again, bold and yet simple or peaceful artistic display. This person shows that they are sometimes bold, other times thoughtful and at peace. They love art and objects but not clutter, and want to share why they have grouped these items and tell you about the objects and their stories.


Go cheap, inexpensive if your home is not going to showcase who and what you are or welcome others into your world. Just the idea of buying a $900 coffee table that many other people have isn't terribly appealing to me.


 I'd rather have a a trunk with a glass top, or use an item (recycle/repurpose) that normally wouldn't be thought of as a coffee table. Plus 99% of the time that unusual item you use is cheaper dollar wise, has already stood the test of time for durability, speaks to you and others about you and your character, shares history, but mostly feels warm and inviting. With this option you have many choices and decorating styles.

Put your feet up, cuddle up, let your home embrace you and others with interest and style. Also consider a little whimsy or personal flair somewhere.


Whatever your style celebrate who you are in your home decor and with what you love. Share yourself with those you deem worthy and invite them to your home.

Hopefully you will consider adding some Antique, Vintage, Retro, Collectible, or Repurposed items.

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