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Friday, September 27, 2013

Change of Season

Strange title huh. Just something I have noticed through the years. I will try to not ramble on but I make no promises. September every year is one of our slowest months for business. Starting in mid to late August traffic starts to slow down and by September really really slow. The only reasons behind this that I can find are, parents getting ready for back to school, spending alot of hard earned cash for back to school and then adjusting during September to their new busy schedules. For those that are not affected by back to school I believe they are in the first stages of hibernation. Let me explain, we start having cooler mornings and nights, great for bonfires and some outdoor activities but also a good time to relax with a good book, movie, and maybe marshmallows on the fire. Not a very scientific observation, but an observation none the less
       This photo of a vintage iron settee is what started this train of thought for me. 
      Stange? Maybe.
      So let me explain.

Since I purchased this item I have been placing it outdoors in front of the shop upon opening each and every morning. It has been for sale and many an individual have been spotted sitting on it and enjoying a moment or two. You usually find vintage iron chairs but not these settees as often. So of course I thought I wouldn't have it very long. Well it lasted longer than I thought and probably because I got it late in the season for those whom are looking for outdoor furniture. Then again there are those who also use this type of furniture indoors. Sorry I seem to be rambling on, back on point
If I have a slow spell in the shop, which can be relaxing if not too often, and the weather is good you just might see me sitting outdoors watching the world go by or reflecting on life in general. Some very interesting things are to be seen and heard sometimes here in downtown New Albany so it can also be entertaining.

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside and things were very slow business wise soooooo I spent alot of time sitting on this settee. Then a loyal and regular customer stopped by and we chatted for a while. Then she decided she had to have this settee and asked if she could leave it here and pick up in a few days. Of course I said sure, but I advised I would still put out each morning until she came to get it. I mean after all, where or what will I sit on now while the weather is good and business is slow.  Am I Right?

I will miss it when it is gone but at least I know it is going to a good home where it will be appreciated. I should have asked how she was planning to use it, indoors or outdoors. People love to share how an item fits into their home if you think to ask. I guess my daydreaming, relaxing outfront of the shop, my slow progress into hibernation for the coming winter, and concern about not being able to sit on it much longer threw me off balance.

Fall is my favorite time of year so while I am not busy you just may see me out front sitting on something. Wave as you drive by or stop and chat awhile. Start the coming hibernation slow and easy, enjoying all the good things in life, and maybe some reflection.

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