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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I am quite often asked the question, what kind of things should one buy? Should I choose things by trends, values, or personal taste?  My answer is always, "Buy What Talks To You".

                                                             Whatever do I mean?

Have you ever been shopping and an item seems to demand your attention? Maybe you know the reason why you are attracted, then again maybe your not sure. You leave without making the purchase but you keep having thoughts of the item, it like nags at you. You try to reason to yourself why you shouldn't make the purchase, but you finally go back to make the purchase, now it is gone, no longer available.

                How do you feel, relieved, saddened, dismayed, or perhaps angry?

I also advise that if something is talking to you and you can afford the item take it home, you will be so happy with that purchase for a very long time. If your reason for a purchase is because someone or something convinced you its all the rage (trend), it will not satisfy you in the long run. Additionally if your purpose in purchasing is because of its current value or perceived future value be aware -- that can change overnight. Now if you made that purchase choice because of your personal taste, yes you will be happy for awhile but what happens when that taste changes?

                 Again if you "Buy What Talks To You" the satisfaction is longer.

I arrived at this wisdom from my own experiences after doing all the things mentioned above, and admit it, we know you have done the same. Many have told me, after following this advice, how true it is for them also.

                                                        Why do things talk to us?

That I can not answer for you directly, you will have to figure that out if desired. Then again if it works why even question, just reap the rewards and be happy. When it comes to Antiques & Collectibles people make the purchases they do for many varied reasons. Here are some examples of personality types, or the reasons behind the collecting. Some will fit you to a tee, others won't, then again all of them could. Some reasons are positive, others may seem negative, but they all work.

          Romantic, Sentimental, Historian, Treasure Seeker, Thrifty,
          Unique, Artisitic, Individual Style, Green Lifestyle,
          Perceived Investment, Eccentric, Hoarder, Preservation,
          Eclectic, Shopping Aholics, Memories, Needs

This applies for all purchases, not just Antiques & Collectibles. Yes purchases in life are only to fulfill needs that arise in life, be it physical or emotional, so "Buy What Talks To You".


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