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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Decor---The 4 R's Repurpose,Rethink,Reuse,Recycle

Every once in awhile I make a post showing Antiques & Collectibles being used in ways not done before. The 4 R's--Repurpose, Rethink, Reuse, Recycle.

Be original in your homes decor, let your home reveal to others your personality, sentiments, and creativity. Antiques & Collectibles can blend extremely well with all types of decorating styles. Here are some more photos to entice you to consider something old used in a new way to enliven your homes spirit.

Very Elaborate Project--Love of Worn Suitcases and Great Storage

Really look here--Drums as end tables, Coffee table for Bench at end of bed, framed doilies or quilt pieces as a Headboard.

Hang old Paint by Numbers in a specific theme as shown or mismatched.

How about an old screen door used for the Pantry or old glass doors as the front of a cabinet or bookcase?

A large grouping of postcards framed together make a huge statement.

Or maybe some small drawers hung with a photo of a loved one and a momento.

Old jars are great not only for storage of practical things such as sugar,flour,tea,cotton balls,detergent etc but use in any room to showcase small collectibles such as marbles.

Encase items with alot of memories.

Light up an old light fixture in a new way.

Use small galvanized containers for an indoor garden of herbs.

Or if you have a substantial collection of one type, display them together for a bold standout statement.

The morale of this post. Motivation as you Spring Clean your home. Use the 4R's of Repurpose, Rethink, Reuse, Recycle.

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