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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Pyrography - from the Greek meaning 'fire writing' - is an ancient and unusual art. The effect is produced by burning the surface of a wood panel to various depths of brown to make a picture, giving a similar effect to that of a pen and ink drawing, but is capable of additional subtle and beautiful effects. They were done by the application of steel tools heated over a charcoal fire. Often light carving was used to heighten the effect or to give light lines on a dark background. Great skill was required for the finest work as the method was so difficult. Man has probably used this technique since the discovery of fire and making hand tools.
Today we are going to discover what you find the most of in this Art Form, which is during the Victorian Era and until about 1930's. It appears that the Victorian Era is when this Art Form was most desired and practiced. Most likely because new tools were developed and promoted for performing this work. Women's magazines of the time promoted it as do it yourself projects, offering lessons and mail order catalogues for supplies needed.

As this postcard shows they used materials besides wood such as leather.

This video shows a beautiful piece of furniture done in the Art Form of Pyrography. As a long time collector myself you don't know how bad I wish I had discovered this piece instead of this lady and had the piece in my home. Plus the fact that it was under appreciated by the Antique Shop where it was purchased blows my mind. I agree with the appraisal amount for somewhere such as New York,Chicago etc, but sadly in our area probably the retail value would be anywhere from $900.00 to $2000.00.

Watch Appraisal: Pyrographic Folk Art Wardrobe, ca. 1910 on PBS. See more from Antiques Roadshow.


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