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Friday, July 6, 2012


After a couple of weeks of a heat wave and finding it hard to remain cool I walked down memory lane, you know the "good ole days", or so they say. Yes I can remember all the ways one would try to cool down in the summer when the average family did not have air conditioning. I'm talking no window air conditioners or central air. Ok I admit I am old enough to recall.

The photo above shows a galvanized tub, which was used for alot of purposes, some used them for giving baths but they were also used as a cool down kiddie pool. Imagine that!!

Or my favorite as a child, a rotating lawn sprinkler. We would spend what seemed like hours running thru the spray, soaking our heads, and screaming at the top of our lungs with glee. Thats right no slip and slides back then.

Another joy was the fan, amazing what kids enjoy and turn into fun. Not only would you have a warm breeze, better than no breeze, blowing your way but you could make noises in front of it which came out the other side all garbled. Ahhh such innocent cheap entertainment.

Being an Antique Dealer I have sold many of these items thru the years as collectibles. Why would someone collect these, memories maybe, sentimental value, who knows other than the purchaser themselves. I can tell you this, it harkens to the day when things were made and meant to last. It amazes me how many of these still work as intended today when found.  Were they really helpful in keeping you cool? Barely, but the best options at the time and we were grateful to have and use.

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