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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hull Pottery

Established in Crooksville,Ohio in 1905 by Mr A.E. Hull. By 1907 they purchased the Acme Pottery Company which gave them two plants and over 200 skilled men. Hull quickly established a firm market and an excellant reputation in the field of ceramics.
In the beginning they concentrated on ulitarian stoneware and by the 1920's they had a full line of stoneware, semi-porcelain in plain and embossed shapes, decorated with bands and stamps underglaze and overglaze, art pottery with both air-brushed and blended glazes, plain and decorated florist's pots and saucers, garden ware and their special lustreware in a rainbow of iridescent colors. They were also large producers of toilet and kitchenware goods  used both by residences and hotels alike. Kitchenware items such as salt boxes, jugs, cereal sets, nested bowls, custard cups, and 1 to 6 gallon food containers were in demand. Carloads of ware were shipped daily on the Pennsylvania and New York Central Railroads.
After the death of A.E. Hull in 1930, his son succeeded his father in management of the business and successfully carried it through the great depression. A definite move to produce a large volume of art pottery was the right direction to take and carried the company through the 1960's and then they changed direction again and turned toward casual living and began designing ovenproof serving ware.
Most people do recognize the art pottery lines and they are the most collectible of their wares at this time. Following are photos of the Hull Pottery art pottery lines that we have available.

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