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Saturday, June 16, 2012

All Aboard


Have you ever taken a trip on a train? It use to be the way to go!
Imagine sitting back and looking out the window for long periods of time enjoying the scenery.
Or how about being in the dining car being served delicious food on china and then maybe a friendly game of cards with others as you traveled high speed across the country? 

Reed Barton Silverplate Shaker and China 

Our Country was totally transformed by the Railroad.

Railroad Lamp Lenses

Safety Rules,Timetables


Teachers Packet for Educating about the Railroads

Globes for Lanterns

Uniform Buttons and Pinbacks


L&N SwitchLock Key

Signal Lights

Switchlocks some with keys and some without

Framed 1909 Rand McNally Indiana Railroads Map

All photos are some of the Railroad Collectibles we have available currently.

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