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Monday, June 11, 2012

Forgotten Sleeping Porches

Sleeping Porches were once very common and used as multi purpose spaces. Great way to have extra sleeping for a very large family and were also practical for use when having company. They were on the front,back,side or upper levels of  homes of all styles, in the city and the country. 

A great memory--grandma's sleeping porch. The sounds of the night crickets or frogs, cool breezes, and fresh air. In the winter, down covers and many handmade quilts, seeing your breath from the cold but feeling the warmth under all the covers. Ahh a relaxing afternoon nap maybe.

These two photos were an advertisement for Armstrong Flooring in the 1920's showing the flooring continuing onto and being used on the sleeping porch.


This photo is from a how to decorate magazine article 1920's

Can you tell I have been dreaming about adding a sleeping porch upstairs?!

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