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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Depression Age Kitchen Glassware

Not just every dollar mattered but every penny did during the Great Depression starting around 1930 and continuing into the 1940's. Those that had money to spend did so sparingly and on necessary items that were made to endure the test of time. Depression era glassware was such an item, especially the kitchenware type which is what this post is about. Some of this glassware was given free in boxes of detergent, at a local gas station, etc. This was a great way to intoduce,promote to housewives what was available and also to promote,guarantee certain products were bought from certain individual companies regularly for their survival.

Some collectors prefer the glassware by certain manufacturers,patterns,or colors. Some collect because of their usability and endurance.  Others inherited a piece from Grandma and now are trying to complete a set. Whatever reason nothing brightens up a kitchen more, or reflects the everyday of times gone by in a fairly inexpensive manner. So pretty much the same factors sell these products today as in our past. Yes some pieces are very pricey but overall not.

Sapphire Blue Bakeware

All photos included are just some of what we have available. We always have way more than I am willing to photograph so enjoy looking here but please come by to see us in person!!

Tulip Mixing Bowls

Pink Mixing Bowls
Mayonaise Maker,Choppers

Glass Rolling Pin

Measuring Cups
Waffle Batter Jugs,Syrup

Ovenproof Bowls

Refridgerator Leftover Dishes

Greese/Drip Jars 



Milk Pitchers

Fruit Glass Lnife,Ladel,Glass Salad Fork/Spoon


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