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Monday, June 4, 2012


Since adding my business on Facebook I have increased the publics awareness to my Business. I work long and hard and for many hours on a regular basis to share with my fan base on Facebook. More than most small businesses I am aware of. I try to share my experience and knowledge because it not only draws customers to me and my business but also those in my community. I share the information to promote what I have available and to try to interest those whom normally might not be attracted to Antiques and Collectibles. I also promote things happening locally in the community for all to enjoy and experience.

Facebook has been a wonderful resource for these purposes and fits my advertising budget because all it cost is my time. Which I enjoyed sharing freely as long as it worked. I will have to reconsider now that facebook has opened itself to Wall Street and investors. Why you ask?!!

For every post I make on facebook now, it only reaches about 9% of my fan base. In other words with over 900 fans only 80 some of those fans receive my posts on their newsfeed!!! 
If I want more fans to see my posts it will cost me $5.00 every 400 fans. Sooo  it will cost me $10.00 for every 800 fans thereby costing me more than $10.00 for every post I make on Facebook to try to reach all my fans. THAT IS FOR NOW AND SURE TO INCREASE.
WOW that is pretty expensive advertising wouldn't you say!!!

Just liking a page on facebook no longer means you will see their posts on your newsfeed(home page) !! The only way around this issue is, if you want our posts sent to you, you must on a pretty regular basis click like , make a comment or share for most of the posts that we make. This holds true for all business pages you have liked. For every like,comment, or share on our posts the percent of fans that see that paticular post increases a tiny bit. So please if interested in our page and what we share, or as encouagement for me to continue making these posts occassionaly make your mark and help us get the word out. As always you are appeciated.

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